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Stain Removal

Here at Roselawn Cleaners & Castleknock Cleaners, we pride ourselves on being stain removal specialists. Whether you are dropping by our Blanchardstown or Castleknock branch, our fully trained and knowledgeable staff are thoroughly equipped to tackle any stubborn stains your garments may possess. We offer professional stain removal services for all types of garments including delicate garments, removing coffee stains, red wine stains, oil stains, and more to keep your garments looking fresh and clean.

Our Stain Removal Process

Stain removal is far from a straight forward operation. There are many factors that contribute to how we go about stain removal, including the type of fabric, the age of the stain, and the nature of the stain. We understand that no two stains are the same and as such, our personal service ensures that we will treat your garment like it is our own.

Pop by our Blanchardstown or Castleknock branch and hand your stained garment over to a member of our team, all of whom have the expertise to tackle stains of even the most delicate or unusual fabrics. We’d be happy to chat through the nature of the stain with you and give you advice on what your options may be. All stain removal services are expertly carried out by hand.

We offer professional

Dublin stain removal services at great prices guaranteed

We offer Stain Removal for All Garments, Including:

  • Silks

  • Heavily Embellished Dresses

  • Wedding Dresses

  • Irish Dancing Dresses

  • Christening Robes

  • Communion Dresses

  • Vintage Garments

  • Sportswear

We Remove All Stains, Including:

  • Tea Stains

  • Coffee Stains

  • Ink Stains

  • Grass Stains

  • Flower Pollen Stains

  • Fruit Juices Stains

  • Make Up Stains

  • Red Wine Stains

  • Coloured Soft Drinks Stains

  • Make Up Stains

  • Blood Stains

  • Organic Stains

  • Non Organic Stains

  • And Many More